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Valentine’s Day Flowers


Be A Romantic Hero On Valentines Day

Flowers and Valentine’s Day in Brisbane are synonymous. In Australia we are lucky to have fabulous locally grown options which support our glorious Australian flower grower businesses. However, we do also supplement with beautiful imported flowers. 

Gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day always ensures a delighted recipient.  Whether it’s a dozen Bodega roses or a rare, tiny cactus, we can create the perfect floral statement.

Try an interesting mixture of garden roses with standard roses, a subtle bunch of white roses in an elegant glass vase or add some thistle and award winning safari sunset conebush to lavender roses and scabiosa for a natural but elegant feel.

For a delicate Valentine, how about a pink rose bouquet mixed with lilies, anemones and snapdragons, anemones, hypericum berries, chocolate lace and greenery all wrapped in organic or handmade paper? 

Yellow roses and flowers are a symbol of friendship so perfect for a special friend.

If however, you are a classic romantic and want to keep the message clear and crisply elegant, order a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, wrapped in organic paper, biodegradable cellophane and an audacious ribbon!

For a contemporary take on an old classic, mix red roses with pink roses and some delicate foliage, which symbolizes poetic love and admiration.

Order your Valentine’s Day Flowers in Brisbane with Redlands and be part of the strong push for sustainable and locally grown exotic bouquets - be a  Romantic Hero.  #planetwarrior. #lowcarbonfootprint.